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“It takes enormous trust and courage to allow yourself to remember.” 
~ Bessel A. van der Kolk

The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic relationship has the potential to provide a safe and transformative space for you to grow and change through a process of sharing information, building trust, self-exploration, and trying out new ways of communicating your feelings, needs, desires, and boundaries. Finding the right counselor to witness your journey, however, could take a little time. 

Carl Rogers emphasized three essential qualities that a counselor ought to possess: empathy, genuineness, and respect. When a counselor is able to convey an understanding of your experiences and feelings, to be open and sincere, and to refrain from judgment and accept you as a whole, this can help engender a safe and trusting relationship in which you are free to transform and grow.

Asking questions, expressing your expectations, and trusting your own intuition may help you to feel more informed and empowered as you choose your counselor. 

I encourage your inquiries and welcome you to schedule a complimentary 10 – 20 minute phone consultation with me prior to our first meeting.

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